Payment is to be made one week in advance for PT session(s) - one on one PT & group PT and classes. Payment is made through a direct debit company.

2 week’s notice must be given to cancel your membership and/or to put it on hold. A $5 on hold fee applies per week. Account can be put on hold for a maximum of 6 weeks unless otherwise noted. No account signup fee and no account closing fee.

24 hour cancellation policy applies for PERSONAL TRAINING, PAIRED and GROUP PRIVATE TRAINING SESSIONS. Cancelling within 24 hours of scheduled session time results in full session payment. Failing to show for your session results in full session payment. If you become ill in this time and have a doctor’s certificate your session can be rescheduled.

Cancelling 24 hours prior to your booked session will result in no charge and we will reschedule an appropriate training time. This applies to one on one PT, paired training and group PT. If trainer cancels due to illness, your session will be made up for when suitable. Change of session day/time must be made at least 48 hours in advance to your already booked session. This is not guaranteed to be changed and cannot be made with in the 24 hour period of currently booked session time as this will result in full session charge.


Book in is required.
Cancellations must be made 3 hours prior to the session. If you cancel or do not book in or do not attend a class/classes for that week, no catch ups can be made or payments held or back paid.


Cash must be paid to trainer on the day of the session, before the sessions starts.
Cancellation must be made 3 hours prior to the session time. If late cancellation/no show etc. is made this results in $5 cancellation fee.
No refunds or transfers.


Minimum of 10 pack must be purchased prior to training.
Packs cannot be shared.
Must sign off on the attendance sheet every session you attend.
No refunds or transfers.
8 week expiry from date of purchase.
Must be bank deposit or Pay Advantage direct debit.
Cancellation must be made 3 hours prior to the session time. If late cancellation/no show etc. is made, this results in one session used.


Unlimited and 2-3 sessions a week are deposited a week in advance.
You have the week (7 day period) to complete your sessions. For example: If you only complete one session for that week, you cannot catch up or have them roll over to the following week.
All direct debits except unlimited must sign the attendance sheet at the start of the session.
Cannot share direct debit with others.
Must let trainer know 2 weeks in advance if your account needs to be put on hold. For example: If you go on holidays it must be organised prior to leaving.
Account hold incurs a $5 fee per week.
No refunds or transfers
2-3 session debit people have to sign off every session attended.
There is no account opening fee and no account closing fee.
2 weeks’ notice has to be given to close your account.

Other information

Payment lock-ins apply for challenges. Payment will continue after this time until notified to hold or cancel account.
Session purchases, gift vouchers and payments made for sessions have an 8 week expiry from purchase date
Client information sheet must be filled in prior to participating in sessions.
Open gym time (if applicable): You must book in, trainer will be in the gym to assist if needed.
You are responsible for your child/children. Children must be in the kid’s area (if applicable) and are not to use gym floor equipment unless being used in the kid’s class and are not to be on the gym floor during classes. If your child have any health issues I must be notified prior to participation in the kid’s class.
No refunds or transfers on any sessions.
Prices may increase over time.
By signing this form you give permission for photos and videos to be taken during sessions and they can be uploaded and used for advertisement i.e.: Facebook.
Memberships cannot be used by anyone else.